Holiday Special

Dear Art Patron,

I am glad to inform you that I will have my first studio exhibit from November 6th thru 9th, presenting a collection of my newest work. Beginning November these paintings will be visible for your review on my website.

As always I strive to deliver a constant improvement in my paintings. I hope you will join me celebrating my success and achievements. Please find below the date and time for my studio exhibit. For more information and address, visit my website

Fall 2010 Studio Exhibition
Nov 6th: 10 am 7 pm
Reception: 4 pm 7 pm
Nov 7th: 10 am 5 pm
Nov 8th: 10 am 5 pm
Nov 9th: 10 am 5 pm

In order receive future news and show dates, please make sure to send me your email address by visiting the Contact section of my website. Currently most of my art patrons and customers are receiving email invitations to my upcoming shows.