Ebrahim Amin Holiday Special
Landscape Seascape Still Life Portrait / Figurative Modern Limited Edition

F- Trianna LE

  Style   Limited Edition
  Medium   Oil on Canvas
  Status   Available
  Size   20 x 24
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F- Afternoon Graze LE F- Hannah LE F- Reminisce LE F- Trianna LE L- 4 O'Clock at the Mission LE L- Autumn Light LE
L- Closer to Home L- End of Summer L- Napa Hills LE L- Prolonged Glance LE L- Red Cottage L- Santa Barbara LE
L- Summer in North LE S- Early Morning Sail LE S- Endless Beauty LE S- Gentle Rocking LE S- Graceful Movement LE S- Morning Light L E
S- Ocean Walk S- Reflection 1 LE S- Wind Shift LE S- Yellow Reflection LE SL- Fresh Cut LE