In 1973, Massoud Javid came to California with his wife Simin from the city of Tehran. Art had been the center of his life from an early age. Exploring the world of photography sculpting and writing; Javid learned that it was through the art of painting that he found his true passion. He came here with a dream to be able to creatively express himself through his art. After attending several college courses, numerous workshops and working with prominent painters and master artists, Javid had refined his painting style and philosophy.


Throughout his art career, Javid has taken on many different styles of painting. This is especially reflected in his early body of work which consists of large abstracts, figurative, early California and en plein air. Today his primary focus is on landscape and seascapes, created on locations throughout California. He gives life to nature through the same emotional artistic process that governed his mastery of shapes and figures in his earlier works.


The love Javid instills into each piece is apparent in the courageous, striking yet delicate battle between light and shadow, capturing the deep emotional imprint of his subjects.


"I am grateful to have taken that big step in moving here at such a young age. It has pushed me to what I feel each time is the apex of creativity, to only see that there is more to come after each piece is completed. My paintings are a true manifestation of my emotions." - Javid

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