Ebrahim AMIN

signature member of (OPA)(LPAPA)


“… the importance of color values and brush strokes … continues to influence his paintings, whether the subject is a figure or a seascape.” Artists to Watch, Southwest Art Magazine, June 2002


The joy of painting came to Ebrahim at the early age of 13 when he started exploring nearby galleries and exhibitions in Tehran, Iran. He sensed strong artistic talents awaken within him. After passionately exploring different art media, he won prizes in local art competitions and began studying under the supervision of a local master. At age 17, he was admitted to the prestigious Kamal-al-Molk Arts Institute and fortunately had a chance to have one the Russian masters Alexander as teacher for short time. That critical period laid the foundation for his art career.

Within a few years, he became a signature artist in all of the famous art galleries in Tehran. After the Revolution, he escaped Iran due to political pressures and migrated with his family to Munich, Germany. The art scene in Munich was mostly limited to Classical painting and Ebrahim’s background enabled him to make a very strong statement, exhibiting at several venues while teaching courses and seminars. His heart was drawn to the red-hot center for arts in the north-western city of Cologne, where he eventually moved to in 1990. There he opened a successful art gallery right at the center for the arts scene, gaining regional recognition for his classical style as well as his excellent Portrait skills and modern expressionistic pieces.

In 1995 Ebrahim visited Orange County, California, where the Plein-Air art scene had left an impression of endless artistic potential. His yearning for a more modern art scene eventually encouraged him to change homes yet again, this time fueled only by a desire for discovery. Equipped with a vast technical background and deep artistic sensibility, he has successfully merged several potent influences into his interpretation of Plein-Air, producing stunning masterworks of light and value. Therefore Ebrahim has been elevated to the level of Signature Member at the prestigious Oil Painters of America (OPA) and Laguna Plein Air Painters Association (LPAPA).

Ebrahim enjoys ever-growing success in the California art scene, such as juried art festivals and Plein Air competitions like: Laguna Plein Air Painting Invitational, Carmel, San Lois Obispo, Sonoma, Laguna Beach, La Jolla, and La Quinta, exhibitions at famous galleries (Carmel, Napa, Pasadena, Tucson, Laguna Niguel),PleinAir and studio workshops, live painting demonstrations, and recognition in art publications. Over the past few years he has won many awards in art competitions and exhibitions. In June 2002, Southwest Art Magazine featured Ebrahim as an “Artist to Watch”.

“Over 40 years of experience and a constant struggle to find real artistic excellence have helped me break many technical boundaries. My portfolio features realistic still life, impressionistic landscapes, and dream-like modern paintings. Each piece impatiently waits to tell a different story. In my newest projects I want to let my viewers experience a unique and innovative painting style. In fact, I’m working on a seamless blend of the fading traditions of the ancient masters with progressive modern Plein Air practices. It’s beginning to produce very exciting results.”

“How to create a good work of art?  Gratefully borrow an idea from nature, patiently nurture it with skill and experience, and finally touch it with my soul… a way other than this, I do not know.”


    1972 - 1975     Study under Russian Master Alexandre Tehran, Iran
    1967 - 1972     Kamal-al-Molk Art Institute Tehran, Iran
    Fine Arts
    - Advanced Study of Drawing in various Media, s.a. Pencil, Charcoal
    - Extensive Work in the areas of Landscape, Still-life, Portrait and Life-model
    - Main focus on Oil-Painting in different styles

Professional Experience
    2006 - Current     Amin Fine Art     Laguna Beach, CA
    Exhibiting Artist

    2005 - 2007     Gallery Elite     Carmel, CA
    Exhibiting Artist
    - Exhibition of Plein-Air, Studio Landscape & Figurative

    2003 - Current     Amin Art Website     www.aminart.com
    Exhibiting Artist
    - Exhibition of Plein-Air Landscape & Figurative Artwork

    2003 - 2004     Salisbury Art Galley     San Luis Obispo, CA
    Exhibiting Artist
    - Exhibition of Plein-Air Landscape & Figurative Artwork

    2002 - Current     Westervelt�s Gallery     Laguna Niguel, CA
    Exhibiting Artist
    - Exhibition of Plein-Air & Studio Landscape

    2002 - 2007     Gallery Gabrie     Pasadena, CA
    Exhibiting Artist
    - Exhibition of Plein-Air Landscape & Figurative Artwork

    2001 - 2003     El Presidio Gallery     Tucson, AZ
    Exhibiting Artist
    - Exhibition of Plein-Air Landscape

    1999 - 2002     Raphael Fine Art     Palm Springs, CA
    Exhibiting Artist
    - Exhibition of Plein-Air Landscape & Modern Figurative Artwork

    1991 - 1994     Amin Art Gallery     Cologne, Germany
    Owner, Instructor & Exhibiting Artist
    - Featured Art Work and Exhibitions
    - Adult Art Classes in Collaboration with the Art Department of the City of Cologne

    1986 - 1991     Volkshochschule     Munich, Germany
    Main Fine Arts Instructor
    - Joint organization and administration of Arts Curriculum with the City Hall of Feldskirchen
    - Instructor of two Sessions of Fine Art Classes

    1983 - 1986     Amanat Gallery     Tehran, Iran
    Owner and Instructor
    - Main Artist of Paintings and Portraits
    - Regularly Supplied the Main Galleries with Artwork and Special Requests
    - Major Artist and Designer for the Exterior Design of the International Exhibit of Tehran
    - Instruction of Fine Art

    1980 - 1983     Honar-Kadde Amin     Karadje, Iran
    Owner of Gallery and Instructor
    - Main Artist of Paintings and Portraits
    - Art Instruction to students and adults

    1975 - 1980     Daddashi Art Gallery     Tehran, Iran
    Featured Artist
    - Main Supplier of Artwork for the excellent and famous Gallery

Additional Profesional Activities
    Restoration of Precious Antique Art Works
    Detailed Replications of Famous Museum Art Work
    Art and Design of Promotional Panels and Displays
    Artful Processing of Ceramics using Nonflammable Tints

Recent Demonstrations & Exhibitions
    2007 - 2008     Plein Air Competition and Quick Draw     San Clemente, CA
      - 1st Place Award in Quick Draw (2008)
    2002 - 2007     Laguna Plein Air Painters Association     Laguna Beach, CA
      - Best of Show Award (2007)           - 2nd Place (2004, 2005)
    2007 - 2008     The Richeson75 International Landscape Competition     Kimberly, WI
      - 2nd Place Award (2008)
    2002 - 2008     La Quinta Art Festival     La Quinta, CA
    2002 - 2004     Sonoma Plein Air Competition     Sonoma, CA
    2003 - 2008     La Jolla Arts Festival     La Jolla, CA
    2003 - 2007     Carmel Art Festi7al     Carmel, CA
    2003 - 2004     San Luis Obispo Plein Air Art Show     S.L.O., CA
    2001 - 2008     Laguna Art Festival     Laguna Beach, CA
    2003     South West Art Magazine: Artist to Watch
    2002     Huntington Gardens Art Gala     San Marino, CA
    2001, 2004 - 2005     Millard Sheets Gallery (Paint Out)     Fairplex, CA
      - 1st Place Award of Excellence & Gallery Choice